Creating a Mini Eden for Your Little Ones to Learn and Explore

Tips for growing a kids gardenWhether you’re familiar with Eden from religious teachings or the world famous Eden project located in Cornwall, England, you’ll be well aware that an “Eden” is essentially paradise: stunning gardens with a beautiful atmosphere. Now, isn’t this something that you’d like your little ones to be able to experience on a daily basis? Well, the good news is that this can be more easily achieved than you may well think. It will give your kids a taste of nature, encouraging them to spend a little more time outdoors in the garden, discovering new plants, smelling new scents and revelling in greenery. What more could any parent want from their own property? Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

Tips for growing a kids garden

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful blooming flower? Flowers are beautiful and will create a bright, bold atmosphere out back come the summer months. So get digging up a flower bed and planting some seeds to see your favourites popping up over time. You can sit with your children, watching the butterflies and bees flutter from one petal to another, describing what they’re doing and educating your child at the same time as immersing them in a creative, natural, and stimulating environment.

Tips for growing a kids garden

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A Vegetable Patch / Greenhouse

Kids seem to be fascinated with learning about where their food comes from. So why not give them the opportunity to grow their very own? Digging a small vegetable patch or investing in a lean to wooden greenhouse will give them a space to grow anything from potatoes, carrots, and peas to tomatoes, cucumbers, and even strawberries. If you find that you don’t have enough for space for this (many inner-city properties have minimal garden space), not to worry. You could invest in a small window box and allow your child to grow herbs in it. Alternatively, cress can be grown easily in the home if placed in light with sufficient water. This experience will ensure that they are a little more connected with where their food comes from; something that is often difficult to explain in a world where supermarkets disconnect us from food sources so dramatically. You could also have a great time using their crops as ingredients for a healthy dinner together.

Tips for growing a kids garden

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Attracting Wildlife

There are a surprising number of native animals who will stroll in and out of your garden on a regular basis. Your little ones would probably love to see them. The good news? There are plenty of things that you can do to attract more creatures. Hanging bird feeders filled with seed, investing in a bird bath for our fine feathered friends to splash about in, and creating hedgehog highways to allow free movement from one garden to another can also encourage the hustle and bustle of happy critters getting their fill. Your kids will rejoice upon watching them and learn a lot about different species in the process by observing their behaviour and appearances.

You will have your own mini Eden, full of bold colours, fresh scents and excitement by the time you’re done!

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Tips for growing a kids garden

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Tips for growing a kids garden


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