Practical Ideas For Your Tiny Kitchen – Home Decor Tips

Practical Ideas For Your Tiny Kitchen - Home Decor TipsWhy does everything seem to be getting smaller? Homes, gardens, and now kitchens are shrinking as builders and landlords try to stretch their profits. If you’ve recently moved house and discovered the proportions and dimensions of your kitchen are a little too compact and bijou for your taste, you’re not alone. Don’t panic, though. There are still some practical home decor tips out there to help you get the most from your tiny kitchen.

Granite Worktop

This might be the premium material for a kitchen, but a granite worktop means you can carve in the drainer and save those extra inches of workspace. You can choose the size and shape of the bowl too. This is particularly handy if you’re using an awkward space like a corner, or trying to squeeze a dishwasher in nearby. Other materials might work too, so speak to your kitchen designer about your options here.

Boiling Water Tap

Do away with the kettle altogether and install a boiling water tap instead. These can be separate units next to your sink or combined like the ones at Safety devices are built in so you won’t make a mistake when you want to draw cold water or warm water instead. Best of all, you can make endless cups of tea in a matter of minutes without having to wait for a kettle to boil…that’s like a dream come true to any tea fan like myself. Reclaim that worktop space!

Home Decor Tips - Practical Ideas For Your Tiny KitchenCorner Carousel

Corner carousels are a must for any kitchen and absolutely essential if you have a tiny one. The carousel makes full use of all the space in the corner unit that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get at. Some are typically round, so you turn them to access everything you want. Others are pull-out and Z shaped so they can hold even more of your items in a fuss-free format.

Fitted Oven Stacker

If you’re tall enough, a stacker for your cooking appliances can save you lots of worktop space. The oven, grill and microwave sit on top of each other in a stack. There is often space for a cupboard on top and a drawer underneath for your oven trays. By putting a built-in microwave here, you’ve freed up valuable preparation space on your worktop. It’s not like they can be moved either – microwaves are really heavy!

Hand-held Appliances

Whenever possible, opt for recipes that can make use of hand-held mixers, whisks and blenders. This saves you having to buy a big food processor. A hand-held blitzer usually comes with several attachments and a fair-sized pot to mix it all up in. The best thing about them is they will fit in your cutlery drawer! You don’t need to give up your worktop at all if you don’t want to.

Saving space and keeping worktop appliances to a minimum is essential for the practical yet tiny kitchen. How do you save space at home?

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Practical Ideas For Your Tiny Kitchen - Home Decor Tips

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