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Yamaha Instruments

It’s December, people! And I hope you are all well into your Christmas shopping by now. I have finished…almost! But if you have a kid who is a bit difficult to buy for, or you are looking for a gift that has a bit more meaning, have you considered a Yamaha musical instrument?

I know Elian is way too little to be taking music classes yet, but I can still dream about the future and how we plan to raise Elian. Neither me or Jon are musically talented, I dabbled in playing the saxophone and the guitar when I was growing up but didn’t stick out either long term and so wish I had. We both have a hope that Elian will pick up an instrument in his future as we have seen first hand how awesome being musical can be for children’s development and the fun you can have in adulthood if you can play something.

Here are just a few ways learning an instrument can help a child’s development :

Hand-eye coordination
Ability to practice self-expression
Motor skills (fine and gross)
Strengthening memory skills
Language and communication
Reading skills
Social and emotional development
Learning sounds
Learning rhythm
Mathematical development through counting notes


Yamaha Instruments

We are very lucky to have some hugely talented musical friends, one of which let Elian have a go on his Yamaha Guitar this week. Elian loves music in general, he loves to dance and listen to musical films, so fingers crossed he will like the idea of learning an instrument in the future. I really don’t mind what instrument if I am honest, but I personally wish I had learned piano!

Giving the gift of music this Christmas is a great idea for a child of any age, whether you buy an instrument from Yamaha or music lessons it is sure to be a gift that will keep giving for years to come. A quality Yamaha instrument will last your child for years to come, and they offer a huge range of instruments for you to chose from. If you want to learn more about the #GiveMoreThanAGift campaign with Yamaha Music just check out their UK Website here.


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