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Dogs And Kids: A Winning Combination?


new puppy considerationsHave you read the title of todays post? It’s totally a winning combination in our books. We were a little worried about how Opie would react to the baby at first as obviously he had been our baby for well over a year before Elian arrived, and had all of our attention. But we knew he had a great temperament around kids (after being around our best friends little boy) and wasnt likely to snap or bite luckily so we had high hopes. And I am happy to say he is absolutely amazing wit Elian, he will catch up to him and sleep, happily let Elian clamber all over him and hold his ears whilst trying to pull himself up, all without batting an eyelid. The only thing we have to stop is Opie licking Elian’s face al the time or Elian trying to steal and chew Opies toys!!

But obviously if you are thinking about getting a dog and already have kids there is lots you need to consider first. So today I have invited Ellie Mitchell to the blog to chat about what you need to consider when getting a new dog for your family.  Over to Ellie… Continue reading