A Midweek Break in Bluestone

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So last week we spent a relaxing few days getting back to nature in our very own log cabin in Bluestone, in Pembrokeshire. Jon and me, my sister Briony, my best friend Lindsey, her hubby Phil and their 2.5 year old Rhys spent 4 nights in the 8 birth Grassholm Lodge above. Surrounded by lovely grassy banks, patches of trees, wild bunny rabbits, plenty of birds, fresh clean air and a distinct lack of traffic even the not-so-great weather could bring down our happy mood. Simply being away from everyday life and the busyness of where we all live was so refreshing, and definitely needed!

bluestone viewThe Lodge – How can you argue with a view like that! Ok although not the view out our cabin window (ours was very close but had 2 rows of lodges in the foreground so couldn’t get a good photo as no upstair window facing that direction), it was the view from the end of the road we were on, just beautiful! The lodges and cottages are all lovely, well decorated and well maintained. Ours was a Grassholm lodge and comprised of a lovely open plan kitchen, dining room and living room, 4 bedrooms – 1 double ensuite, 3 twins – 1 wet room and 1 bath room. It had everything we could need and was really cozy but still big enough for a whole family.

bluestone activities On site activities – This place is especially great if you have kids! 

  • The Blue Lagoon Water Park was awesome! I really enjoyed all the slides, the waves and the lazy river which went outside the building, as did everyone else in our party! Although it can get pretty busy sometimes, we were lucky that it wasn’t that busy when we went during our stay as it was out of the holiday season.
  • The indoor activity centre is brilliant for children (and the big kids who use the children as an excuse). The tree house climbing frame and slides are great fun, and a great way to burn off some energy. The activity centre is also home to the Big Four (a climbing wall, high wire course, a giant swing and vertical drop) although we didn’t test any of them out they did look like good fun and were pretty popular with both older children and adults.
  • Rhys loved the outdoor park and play frame (although you wouldn’t guess by that picture, I think Jon was asking which way he wanted to go, lol) and enjoyed running around it being chased by Jon, even though it had been drizzling all day.

bluestone, Pembrokeshire Just chilling out and everything else –  Well the site is great if you just want to go for a walk, a ride, or in Rhys’s case a scoot! Due to the fact that there are no public cars on site after check in (only bluestone maintenance, the site mini bus and the golf buggies you can rent) it means the site is really safe for children to play outside the lodges and on the paths. There is a lake you can walk around and the whole site is easily accessible if a little hilly and muddy in places. Then of course if you just don’t fancy going out you can always watch a movie on the TV’s in the lodge, or curl up on the sofa with a book like I did.

We cooked all our food (except for the Chinese take away we got one night from The Dragon House in Narbeth) so can’t comment on the restaurants and cafe onsite, although the bakery bread was very yummy and the food at the grill looked great.

There is lots to do off site too, Oakwood can be seen from the pool as its right next door, Tenby and Saudersfoot are just a short drive away, as are Folly Farm, Heatherton and Anna’s Zoo (Manor House Wildlife Park) so if you want to explore Pembrokeshire you have lots of options.

So there you have it. We loved our stay in Bluestone and look forward to returning again one day.


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      March 24, 2015 / 6:39 pm

      Thanks, it was a lovely break.