Top 5 Dream Travel Destinations

Travel wishlistI constantly daydream about traveling the world! It’s one of the top things on mine and Jons ‘if we win the lottery’ list. There are just so many places we would love to visit. Although we haven’t been able to travel as much as we would like yet, we have been lucky enough to tick a few places off our list.

The most amazing adventure we have been on so far was spending a month touring China for our honeymoon. But we have also been to Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris and Vegas (only for a 24 hour stop over!). Jon has also done California and San Francisco and I spent a few summers in Canada. So we have been pretty lucky so far, but the world is just so big and there are so many other places we would love to go.

Here are the top 5 destinations on our dream travel wishlist.

IcelandIceland Holiday - Northern Lights, Igloo Hotel. Travel WishlistThis calls to both the adventurer and the photographer in us. Plus I love cold weather over hot. All that snow, beautiful scenery, awesome wildlife and of course the Northern Lights. We would love to photograph the Northern Lights so much. Plus that igloo hotel, Kakslauttanen is so amazing who wouldn’t want to spend a night under the stars like that. (above images via Kakslauttanen and Visit Iceland)

A Cruise

Thomson Cruise, travel wishlistOk so this isn’t an exact destination but I have always loved the idea of a cruise, getting to see a few countries on one holiday! It sounds perfect! My sister has been lucky enough to take 3 Mediterranean cruises over the past few years and she always manages to find great cruise deals. But the two I would most like to take is a Fjords Cruise and a Caribbean Cruise. (above images via Thomson and my sister!)   

East to West Coast USA Road Trip 

east to west coast USA road trip - travel wishlistThis is probably our number 1 dream holiday at the moment. The two of us, our cameras and a car on the open road for a few months! Jon’s gramps lives in California, his uncle in Ohio and my aunt in Ontario so the idea would be to visit them along the way. We would love to drive right across the country then up to Canada, seeing all the awesome and fun sites, and indulging in all the amazing food (I am a big fan of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and Man Vs Food!) and of course blogging about it along the way. (above images via The American Road Trip Company)

New Zealand

New Zealand - travel wishlist, Hobbiton It’s just so beautiful! That’s it really, the main reason is because it simply looks breathtaking. And of course there is The Lord of the Rings filming, that might have something to do with it too. They seem to be a little like Wales in the fact that they have a bit of everything, mountains, coastline, rivers and forests. (above images via 100% New Zealand)


indochina wendy wu tours - travel wishlistWhen I say Indochina I mainly mean Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. They have been on our travel wishlist since we went to China 5 years ago. We loved the contrast of the eastern culture to our western culture, it is a different world. We only saw a tiny portion or china and we would love to get the chance to explore more of Asia. (above images via Wendy Wu Tours)

So there you have our top 5 dream travel destinations, whats on your travel wishlist? Anywhere exciting? There are still so many other places I would love to visit that didn’t make the top 5 list at this moment in time.


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