Enjoying Tea Review

Enjoying Tea Review I’ve mentioned it before (in my last tea review) but I will say it again, I LOVE TEA! Seriously love tea! I usually drink 10 plus cup of regular (Tetley Tea) a day, but I really want to start trying a few different types of tea. I already drink Nettle and Dandelion (for my hay fever) but I had started trying Twinnings Blossom Range, which I really enjoy. 

This week I have been testing out an Enjoying Tea Sample Pack. The pack arrived with 6 dinky canisters in it all containing a different type of loose leaf tea; Early Grey Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Roasted Mate Chai, Keemun Black Tea, Organic Slimming Oolong Tea and Vanilla Roobios. I love that they came in the little tins as they have been perfect for taking to work with me, and of course they look pretty cute too!

I’m not going to do an in-depth review of all 6 teas, but here are the first 2 I tried.

My best friend (Heather) loves Oolong Tea but I had never really tried it, thats why I tried the Organic Slimming Oolong Tea first. Plus any tea that says it can help me lose a few pounds sounds good to me!
Enjoying Tea Review The looseleaf tea was like little balled up leaves, so expanded quite a lot once they were soaked in water. The 2 teaspoons suggested for the pot of tea filled up my little infuser quickly! I let it steep for about 3 minutes and then removed the leaves. I really liked this tea, it was light but still with a nice tea fragrance and taste. 

Next I tried the Jasmine Green Tea as I usually like Jasmine tea, but I usually drink black jasmine tea not green, so thought this would be a bit different.Enjoying Tea ReviewThis looks like a regular loose leaf tea, but it still expanded a fair amount in the infuser. I added 2 teaspoons and let it steep for 3 minutes again before removing the leaves. It ended up quite a dark amber colour and tasted a little too bitter for my liking. I think I may have over brewed it! The jasmine scent was lovely and I think if I brewed it for less time I might lose that slightly sharp taste. 

I will be playing around with the brew time and quantity of the next few weeks to see what combination I think suits my tastes the best.

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Got any teas you could suggest?

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