July Degustabox Review – Plus Slow Cooked Ham in Newton’s Appl Fizzics Recipe

degustabox reviewAs you can see I am terribly behind in getting up our Degustabox reviews at the moment, but we haven’t had a spare minute at Two Hearts HQ and we had some really great recipe ideas so just needed some time to get them done and some time to sit down and enjoy our tasty treats.

I love nothing more than getting surprise parcels in the mail, and Degustabox is one of my fav monthly subscriptions, because its food! Hehe! The July box was no exception, there were some great new items we had never heard of before and a few we had heard of but had not tried. So here is what came in the July Degustabox and what we thought of it all.degustabox review degustabox review

As you can see this months box was a real mix of stuff, we’ve tested out nearly all of it and used a few bits to make other stuff, here’s what we thought:

  • Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Drinks – Sadly I can’t stand any sort of milky drink, but Jon adores them. He loves milkshakes so this was right up his street and he really enjoyed both the Chocolate and Vanilla versions, although I’m not sure that little bottle would be enough to replace his 4 Weetabix in the morning! It would be great if your on the go though.
  • Fru Snax – Now these are more my kind of treat, I love dried fruit and these are freeze dried so are packed full of flavour. I liked the fruit bits more than the yogurt bits though. I’ve only eaten one pack so far as I plan to use the second pack in a rocky road type recipe (NOTE! Recipe is now live on this months box review).
  • So Strawberry Lambrini – I haven’t actually drunk this yet, but I already know what Lambrini tastes like. Neither me or Jon really drink so open a whole bottle for a small glass would be a waste, so I am saving it at the moment either for when we have guests or to make Jelly! Yep, if Flora can make champagne jelly on the Great British Bake Off I am going to try make So Strawberry Lambrini Jelly, with real fruit pieces like this recipe from BBC Good Food. I promise to blog the recipe if we decide to make the jellies!  
  • Say Yes to No Sour Cream Chips – These are really tasty little chips. I have used them to dip into humous and had them with Philadelphia spread, pretty much just used them like a cracker or Ritz Biscuit. 
  • Newton’s Appl Fizzics – Well I used this to slow cook a ham this week! See below for the recipe. I did have a sip before I used it and it was real tasty, light and refreshing so I probably would drink it had I not wanted to use it in my cooking. I used it as if it was a cider in my slow cooker and it left the meat moist and falling apart.
  • Tasty Little Numbers – We had never heard of these before so it was nice to discover something new. These are healthy, low calorie single portion ready meals. We don’t really eat a lot of ready meals in our house, but if I am working in the evening and Jon has to fend for himself these would be a great alternative. He enjoyed both of these and said they were full of flavour although could probably have eaten a bigger portion but hey would be great for lunch time meals.
  • Jele Collagen Drink – I’ll be honest I didn’t even try it, I’m not a fan of jelly drinks, the consistency is just weird to me so sadly this didn’t actually make it out of the box! Sorry Jele!
  • Taking the Pea – OMG where can I buy these! To be honest these were really the star of the box as far as we are concerned. Jon originally didn’t like the idea of flavoured peas, but once we started eating them we both loved them so much, sadly the pack didn’t last long. We had the smoked ham ones and they were delicious! Even Opie enjoyed a few! We will be looking out for these in our local supermarket and hoping they bring out some other flavours!
  • Geeta’s Mango Chutney – I’m pretty sure we have had this mango chutney before. We like mango chutney in this house so get through quite a few pots of it. This time I used it to make our West Africa Curry Recipe which is a firm favourite with both Jon and myself, in fact Jon likes it so much he actually learnt to make it himself! This chutney is lovely and sweet and worked perfectly in the dish, the rest will get used up in no time!

Slow Cooked Ham in Newton’s Appl Fizzics RecipeSlow cooked ham recipe [amd-yrecipe-recipe:1]

The meat turned out absolutely delicious! It was so tender but still had a great flavour. The glaze had turned nice and sticky and was lovely and sweet to counteract the saltiness of the meat. There was technically enough for 4 people but we were pretty hungry so managed to devour the whole thing between the 2 of us, with just a little help from Opie!

So if you fancy testing out Degustabox for yourself they are offering my readers a massive £6 off using the code BLDEG15, meaning your first box will only be £6.99! The items are always worth more then the £12.99 cost of the box so it is totally worth it, and its really fun getting tasty treats delivered to your door.

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