Little Dude at 4 Months Old

4 month oldTime really does fly way too fast, little dude is now 4 months old, which is totally mad! This time last year me and Jon had just found out we were pregnant again, we found out on the 9th that I was (which was also my last day in my day job in Cardiff, you couldn’t stop me smiling that day!! lol!) I could never have imaged at that time just how much love I would have for our little man and how much he would change our world (mostly for the better, hehe!) Well it’s been 2 months since I last updated you on his progress so here he is at 4 months old. He’s just had his 2nd set of jabs and was weighed at 14lbs 11oz! She didn’t measure him this time but said he is lovely and long so the weight doesn’t make him look fat, but we have sized up to 3-6 clothes and some of the trousers are already a little short on his legs.

He Loves: He still loves to cuddle more than anything, Darcy his Lamaze Dragonfly (Nanna named it!), Octonauts, staying up late, sleeping in bed with mum and dad and lazy morning wake ups, being wiggled by his aunty Briony ( he giggles like mad!) and being carried in his wrap (see our KangaWrap review) chewing on his or anyone else’s fingers and our flying start playgroup

He Hates: Being put down for a nap, sleeping all night in his cot, being on his own in the back of the car

Milestones: Well he had his 2nd set of jabs a few weeks ago and the health visitor was very happy to see he was happily dribbling and chewing on his hand, she informed us this wasn’t a sign of teething as most people assume but just a milestone showing they are developing hand eye coordination and learning to chew. He’s holding his head up well now and starting to be able to sit upright with support. There is lots of babbling, coos and he is starting to try mimic a bit, he also giggles and laughs at things which is the cutest noise ever

Sleeping: Well he still loves to sleep in the day as long as he isn’t put down. We have started popping him down in his moses basket (although he only just fits now) or on his playmat to nap and it can last upto 20 mins if we are lucky, but he will easily sleep over an hour if he is lying on someone. In the night we had started a bit of a routine, me and him go up to bed 9:30-10 (8:30 if its a bath night), change, read a story, boob and go to sleep by 10:30-10:45, I was able to shift him into his cot then and work in bed till Jon came up around midnight, he would sleep till between 5:30-6:30 then wake and come into bed for more boob and sleep in bed with us till 9ish (unless we got up earlier) but for the last week or so he has been a naughty little monkey and not wanting to sleep until gone midnight after lots of boobs! You may well have seen his cheeky smiley face late at night on our instagram or FB page recently. I’ll continue to keep trying to get him to bed around 10:30 as this works fine for us and he is usually most away and wanting to play between 7-9, he’s a late night owl like his parents. My fav part is his sleepy smiley face in the mornings, we always have to wake him as he rarely wakes properly before us. He is so cute as I gently wake him and he stretches and opens his eyes and gives the biggest smiles! Plus he is often quite talkative in the morning, babbling and kicking when he is awake.

Feeding: We are still happily combination feeding and it really works for us. He gets boobs on demand when with us, unless we are in the car or out shopping or something, then he can have a bottle and he usually has a bottle in the evening to start getting him ready for a sleep. He boobs through the night if he wants too but then is bottle feed formula when away from us with grandparents. I still express when we are working away so he gets breastmilk in a bottle too when we get home, instead of his formula bottle in the evening or when we are out in the car if he needs a feed. We have no feeding or sleeping pattern as we are simply baby led on demand, I actually find this easier than worrying that he will be hungry and has bro be fed at a certain time when we are out. We plan to do baby led weaning when he is 6 months old, so wont be trying him on puree or anything.

and me… Well I’m feeling good. My scar is all healed although I still get the odd twinge and lots of it is still numb. My lower abdominal muscles still don’t really seem to be working but I am hoping that they will re build slowly and am looking into possibly joining a pilates class or something similar to help them. I’m not going to say I’m not tired but I’m pretty lucky that he does usually sleep in 2 big chunks at night so I’m not totally sleep deprived. But we do find it hard that he wont be put down for long naps during the day which means its hard to get stuff done. Carrying him all the time, especially now he is getting heavier, has put strain on my shoulders and wrists and my RSI seems to have flared up again. We are now attending a few mother and baby groups so I have started making some mum friends which is really nice and means me and Elian can get out of the house and leave Jon to catch up with editing work.

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