Bathroom Decor Tips – Bathroom Alterations For A Growing Family

Bathroom Decor Tips - Bathroom Alterations For A Growing FamilyAlthough there are no plans to expand our little family just yet, we both know that there will be an extra addition at some point in the future and our little house may well struggle to accommodate a second little person. If you are also wondering how you can possibly continue to keep your growing family under one roof, you are not alone. A lot of families experience this problem, and it is often true that getting it right is something of a challenge. The truth is that one of the major rooms you will need to look into changing is the bathroom. This is often the smallest room of the house, and it can be the first one that you want to look at in terms of trying to create the sense of a little more space. But how do you actually go about doing that, and how long will it take? In this post, we are going to outline some great bathroom decor tips that you can do to make your bathroom more spacious for your family.

The Paint Job

You might be surprised to think about this, but the truth is that the quality of the paint job can actually make a considerable difference to how spacious the bathroom really feels. This is something which can only be truly appreciated once you have done it, so it’s best just to take our word for it. With a brand new paint job, especially if you have done it in a light color, you will be amazed at how much bigger the whole room feels. If you are looking for a solution which is nice and quick, then this could be the ideal way to go, as there are few things easier than simply re-painting the room. Of course, you will want to make sure that you have done it quickly, so that the family can soon get back to using the bathroom – which will immediately seem considerably larger.

Wall Fixtures

A more practical step towards achieving more space is to simply use wall-mounted fixtures. These are affixed to the wall and provide a fantastic opportunity for storage so that you don’t need to have cabinets upon cabinets of stuff everywhere. You might not like the idea of everything being on display at first – but don’t worry, the truth is that this is now so commonplace that nobody will think anything of it. If you are keen to genuinely create more space, then only using wall-mounted fixtures could be the best step forward for your bathroom. See for more on this. I would also strongly recommend decluttering! This has been a huge thing for us recently as you can see in my KonMari Bathroom declutter here, by ridding yourself of all the excess stuff you really don’t need you will create a cleaner more streamlined place which will instantly seem bigger.

Bathroom Decor Tips - Bathroom Alterations For A Growing Family



Obviously enough, a bathroom will usually have one mirror at least. But if you want to create the illusion of space, a great way to do this is to incorporate the use of more and more mirrors. You don’t want to go overboard with mirror use, of course, but even only adding an extra one on a different wall can make a huge difference to how big the space feels. If you don’t believe that it can make that much of a difference, it is worth trying out. You might be amazed at what a difference it really can make by just to have one more mirror. For a slightly larger bathroom, a third mirror – strategically placed – could also be beneficial. 

The Shower

If you have a bath or a standard shower, it is possible that it is taking up space which you could instead use in another fashion. The truth is that these days nobody needs to have such showers, and certainly not baths. For a little more space in your bathroom, a fantastic solution is to install a shower tray instead, which provides an easy and affordable alternative which will mean more space for the bathroom. Take a look at for some examples of the kinds of shower trays that could make a difference to your bathroom.

Bathroom Decor Tips - Bathroom Alterations For A Growing Family


The Power Of Lighting

If you really want to pull out all the stops here, you should look at what your lighting is doing. Chances are, there are improvements you could make here which will radically alter how much space you can perceive in the room. Lighting affects the space more than you would think, but it is a fairly simple job to make it suit the room a little more. If you use bold and light lighting, you should find that the bathroom feels considerably larger in no time – whereas a dark and dimly-lit bathroom will have the opposite effect. Get this right for the full maximum feeling of space that you are going for.

As long as you are happy to make a few simple changes, you should find that your bathroom is much more spacious – and more suitable for your growing family.

Bathroom Decor Tips - Bathroom Alterations For A Growing Family

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