3 Common Bathroom Problems Solved – Bathroom Decor Tips

Bathroom Decor Tips - 3 Common Bathroom Problems SolvedThe bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your whole house. It needs to be bright and airy, clean and fresh and feel comfortable. If there is one room that really speaks volumes about its owners, its the bathroom. Here’s some bathroom decor tips to keep it looking in tip top condition.

And yet, this is also the room that tends to cause the most problems. Limescale build up, tarnished tiles and blocked drains can all cause real headaches for homeowners. Not to mention the times when pipes fail or mould starts to build up in the grouting.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you bathroom works well for you without it costing you an arm and a leg. All it takes is a few regular cleaning routines, a trick or two up your sleeve and a plumber on speed dial!

The Tiles

Tiles are definitely the most popular choice for bathrooms because they are easy to wipe down, water resistant and floor tiles are designed to be non-slip. However, over time, the grouting between tiles can become discoloured. To solve this problem, bleach, a scrubbing brush and a bit of elbow grease will probably be the best solution, though you could try other natural products too. Really the best thing is to clean your tiles regularly so that they don’t have a chance to become so unsightly.

Cracked tiles are another frustrating bathroom problem and while it is always best to keep a few spare tiles just in case, sometimes you won’t have one to hand. However, you can do a reasonably good job using tile filler to smooth out chips and cracks. Don’t be tempted to just leave a cracked tile to its own devices, though. As tiles are often used for their water resistance, a crack could lead to leakages and any further damage will be much harder and costlier to resolve.

Bathroom Decor Tips - Common Bathroom Problems SolvedThe Drains

Since the bathroom is all about water, drains are the most likely cause of most bathroom disasters. Whether it is a sudden gushing break or a slow drip that appears gradually, broken drains are a serious issue. Even if you aren’t worried about structural damage (you really should be!) the damp smell will be enough to get you into gear. Make sure you call a reliable and trustworthy plumber as soon as you spot the problem and they will be able to fix it up for you.

If a drain is working perfectly, all is well, but over time, lots of drains can become blocked. The sink and the shower are particularly susceptible to this because of the amount of soap and hair going down the plughole. You can avoid blocked drains by regularly pouring baking soda down the plughole and then washing them through with hot water. If your drain is being particularly stubborn, just add some clear vinegar (cheap as chips!) and the bubbling reaction will help shift the grime.

The Smells

We all know what the bathroom is used for and unfortunately some smells can really linger. Good ventilation is always necessary in any bathroom or toilet, so make sure that you can open your window. This will let out bad smells as well as release any condensation from the shower to avoid leaving the room damp. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, there should at least be a ventilation fan to assist the removal of steam.

Simple cleaning tricks like the baking soda in the drain will help to keep your bathroom smelling fresh, but you can also place a bowl of baking soda on top of the loo to absorb other smells too. Or, you could try using lemons in the same way. Plants will also help to filter the air.

The bathroom is such an important space that you really do need to take care of it. If nothing else, having a clean, fresh smelling bathroom will make you feel so much more at home than a bathroom you hate going in.

If you are looking to sell your house, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to show off to prospective buyers. They will be looking closely at the tiles and the fittings because, unless they have a large budget for refurbishments, it’s very likely that they will be keeping the bathroom suite for a while. So unless you plan to live here forever, it’s probably best to avoid anything completely crazy in the bathroom fittings! All you need are easy to clean surfaces and your bathroom can be your heaven.

3 Common Bathroom Problems Solved - home decor tips

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